2020-2021 School Year - Distance Learning



July 20, 2020

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome everyone back for the 2020-2021 school year. These past few months have been challenging for us both physically and emotionally. We have been faced with many decisions that needed to be made for ourselves and the work environment.

On June 5, 2020, our Shonto Governing Board approved for us to begin our 2020-2021 school year with Distance Learning. Our decision was based on guidance provided by the CDC, state, local government and the Navajo Nation Department of Education. Parents and staff were provided an opportunity to complete a survey about their thoughts of how we should reopen our schools. These results played an important part of the decision. In addition, we need to keep in mind what is safe for our staff and students in our current situation.

In the recent distance learning survey from staff and parents, they indicated a need for a greater investment in student and staff access to devices, reliable internet connectivity and support for distant learning. Therefore, we will continue our efforts on upgrading our technology for our students and staff to support quality teaching and learning. A majority of our student devices are delivered and awaiting to be programmed.

School will begin on August 17, 2020. A schedule for parents to pick up devices and instructional materials will be forthcoming. There will be training for parents and students once the devices are distributed. We will provide a schedule once the devices are ready.

We thank you for your patience while we prepare for the upcoming school year. We will continue to provide updates as decisions are finalized. If you have any questions please feel to contact us.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected,


Melanie Dewakuku, Interim Superintendent

Cheryl Grass, High School Principal

Marlita Haviland, Interim K-8 Principal