Bears Chess Team


Congratulation to our Shonto Bears Chess Team at the “Will You Be My Checkmate” Chess Tournament at TCBS on Friday, 14th. Medals were given to the top 10 individual players in each section. Plaques were given to the Top Four Teams of the Tournament.

Our Shonto Chess Team competed against 97 other players in all sections and there were 7 teams entered. We had 9 medal winners and took Runner’s Up in Team Standings

K-1 Section:

  • Kash Henry – 5th place (2.5/5 points)

    K-3 Section:

  • Tervina Bryant – 4th place (3.5/5 points)
  • Darion Bekis – 3rd place(4/5 points)
  • Kylee Henry – 2nd place (4/5 points)

    K-6 Section:

  • Javan Barlowe – 9 th place (3/5 points)
  • Cherokee Ross – 3rd place (4/5 points)
  • Desean Reese – 1sdt (5/5 points)

    K-8 Section:

  • Dakota Ross – 10th place (3/5 points)
  • Shone Reese – 6th place (4/5 points) *5 players tied for 2nd place*