Technology to Advance Learning Outcomes at Northland (TALON)

SPTHS in Partnership with Northland Pioneer College.

NPC offers career training and university transfer courses for students currently in high school (age 14 and older) who want to earn college credit.

Here is what we are currently offering at the High School:

MAT 152 (Advance Algebra)

ENL 101

SPA 101

Navajo Language I

A Head Start On Your College Degree 

High school students in NPC's service area have a fantastic opportunity: FREE COLLEGE!  NPC partners with many local area high schools to provide free college-level classes to high school students. Some of the classes take place within the high school and others at an NPC location. Students simultaneously earn both college credit AND credit toward their high school diploma. Best of all, the program covers the cost of the student's tuition, fees and transportation if needed and books!

Dual Enrollment

NPC has two dual enrollment options available to current high school students. Both allow students to earn credit toward their high school diploma AND college credit at the same time! Dual enrollment classes fulfill general education requirements for an associate degree and university transferCourses include: English, geography, geology, history, math, psychology, science, sociology, Spanish and more.

1.   Where available, students can take NPC dual enrollment classes through their high school. All tuition, fees, books and supply costs are covered! Students attend NPC classes during the regular school day either at their high school or are transported to an NPC campus/center location. Ask your high school guidance counselor what is available through your school. 

2.   High school students can also enroll in NPC dual enrollment classes outside of their normal high school hours, on their own at any NPC location. Evening and summer classes are popular options. To help with costs, NPC offers a College Bound scholarship that waives the cost of tuition for students who qualify, as well as the Fast Track and Finish Line scholarships. An NPC academic adviser can assist you in applying for these scholarships.


Mr. Tyson Calamity
TALON Site Supervisor


Ms. Cheryl Grass
High School Principal

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Calamity at (928) 672-3500 ext . 2000
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