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Shonto Governing Board of Education, Inc.

 Board Members

Martha Tate – President, Ts'ah Bii'kiin Chapter

Royd Lee – Vice President, Shonto Chapter 

Kenneth Begishe – Secretary, Shonto Chapter

 Tom Franklin, Jr – Board Member, Kaibeto/Tonalea Chapter 

Shonto Preparatory Schools are accredited by the North Central Association (NCA) of Colleges and Schools. We serve the areas of Shonto, Ts’ah Bii’kin, Tonalea, Kaibeto, Tall Mountain, Black Mesa, White Mesa, Kayenta, Navajo Mountain, and Forest Lake, all within a 60-mile radius.

It is our school wide goal to teach our students to become productive and capable learners. We want to see our students Meet or Exceed on State and local assessments. Working as a cohesive academic community, this goal is obtainable. As academic facilitators we will continue to teach the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards while placing emphasis on cultural values. We are most proud of the opportunity we have as educators to work with such a culturally enriched student body. We will work to inspire our student’s intellectual abilities so they can be productive citizens in today and tomorrow’s society.

Our plan is to integrate project-based learning and technology using cultural teaching methods across the curriculum. Through professional development our goal is to become a high-quality school with a rigorous academic environment.

SPS offers a full range of support services and programs which include:

  • Support Services (Assistant Principal, Lead Teachers and Academic Counselor.)
  • Enrichment Classes (Diné, Art, Technology, Library and P.E.)
  • Exceptional Educational Programs with Inclusion support, i.e. Gifted & Talented Program
  • Technologically equipped classrooms


The mission of Shonto Preparatory School is to nurture a positive character and a safe, engaging, caring and creative environment with high academic expectations while instilling Diné language and culture, where all learners are successful, responsible, and independent thinkers.


Promote creative problem solving through critical thinking while embracing Diné language and culture to create collaborative life-long learners.

Equal Education Opportunity

It is the policy of Shonto Preparatory Schools to maintain a non-discriminatory learning environment and to ensure that students are not excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise subjected to discrimination in any program or activity of the district on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability.

Parent Involvement

Shonto Preparatory School in partnership with parents, can directly affect a child’s academic achievement. Every quarter the school will send academic and attendance progress reports home to parents. During the 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd quarters, a mid-quarter progress report will also be sent home. Parents/guardians are welcome to contact the school during school business hours, 8 am to 4 pm. The parent can also call to schedule an appointment with their child’s teacher during that teacher’s prep period, or to arrange a meeting after school hours to meet with all of a student’s teachers.

Parents are expected to:

  • Maintain a reliable phone number listed with the school at all times
  • Attend scheduled appointments scheduled with the school
  • Attend regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences
  • Help enforce school attendance and student discipline standards
  • Participate in the school Parent Advisory Committee
  • Build a strong parental involvement through coordination, technical assistance, and other support by implementing effective activities to improve their child’s academic performance.

Governing Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to the public. Regular meetings are typically held on the first Fridays of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Governing Board Room unless otherwise stated.



Shonto Preparatory School hereby certifies that a copy of the Shonto Preparatory School Governing Board agendas will be posted at the following places:  Shonto Preparatory School District's main entrances at both the High School and Elementary School, at the Shonto and Inscription House Chapters and on this website.

Mailing: PO Box 7900, Shonto, Arizona 86054 | Physical: East Hwy 160 Route 98, Shonto, Arizona 86054