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Superintendent of Schools
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August 15, 2018

Welcome to Shonto Preparatory School.

This is an exciting year for our school. Change is in the works for this school year. SPS administration has developed a foundation for the Strategic Plan for SY 2018-2021.   The Strategic Plan, Moving Forward Together: 2018-2021 has four major goals.

  1. All students will be college and career ready
  2. Engage all stakeholders to ensure equity, diversity, and excellence through social-emotional learning for parents, teachers, and stakeholders
  3. Systems and processes will be established to ensure accountability from all departments
  4. Develop current talent, hire talent based on character, recruit, develop, and retain effective staff

The strategic plan is based on Core values of Equity, Embracing Diversity, Community and Excellence.

  1. Beyond Textbooks has been adopted as the curriculum framework. With fidelity it is expected to attain similar measures of academic excellence as seen in so many other schools implementing BT.
  2. Creating an awareness of the students’ background, family, and responding in an appropriate manner from all staff will ensure students have equitable access to more opportunities on academics and learning with less distractions from societal issues so prevalent in our communities.
  3. Accountability for all staff is essential to get the job done. We are all part of the system-of-support for our students’ achievements and well-being. It takes a community to successfully educate a child.
  4. Our plan is to hire the most diverse people we can attract. The very essence of diversity creates greater understanding of what our students need based on staff with varied background experiences. We wish to attract “learners” to work with our children.

Students, staff, parents, community, and governing board all have a role in ensuring success in all departments of the district. Together we shall accomplish much this school year.

Thank you for sending your child to our school. Without the best we would not be able to accomplish our change.

Lemual B. Adson  
Phone: 928-672-3525


Cassandra Burtel
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
Phone: 928-672-3526
Fax: 928-672-3507


Mailing: PO Box 7900, Shonto, Arizona 86054 | Physical: East Hwy 160 Route 98, Shonto, Arizona 86054