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 Shonto Preparatory School Athletics Department


We expect our student/athletes to strive to succeed in the classroom as well as on the athletic field.  Our athletes are motivated to push themselves in their studies and provide an example for our student body of effective time management, sportsmanship and school spirit.

Questions/concerns or to schedule, please contact the following:

For High School, Ken Benally , AD @ 928-672-3516

For K-8, Frank Smith , AD @ 928-401-7605 or Cori Bearshield , Admin Assistant @ 928-672-3500



2019 Peewee Basketball Schedule & K-8 Chess Schedule

2019 Bears JV Baseball/Softball & Track and Field Schedule

2019 SPTHS Grizzlies Track and Field Schedule


 18-19 Bears Basketball

02.06-09.19 AZ Small School Boys State Basketball Bracket

02.03.19 Girls DII NAIC Championships

02.03.19 Boys DII NAIC Championships

01.25 & 01.26.19 Rock Point Varsity Girls Basketball Pool/Bracket

01.26.19 Tonalea JV Girls Basketball Tournament

01.18 & 01.19.19 TCBS Varsity Girls/Boys Basketball Tournament/Bracket

01.11 & 01.12.19 KMS Varsity Girls/Boys Basketball Tournament/Bracket

12.15.18 SPS Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament Bracket

11.30-12.01 KMS JV Boys Tournament/Bracket

11.30-12.01 KMS JV Girls Tournament/Bracket

 18-19 Grizzly Girls Basketball

 18-19 Grizzly Wrestling


 2018 Grizzly Volleyball Schedule (HS)

10.27.18 1A North Regional Volleyball Tournament Bracket

 2018 Bears Volleyball Schedule 

09.08.18 KMS Varsity VB Tournament Bracket

09.08.18 TCBS JV VB Tournament Bracket

10.24.18 NAIC Div I Championships Bracket

11.02.18 AZ State Small School State VB Bracket

2018 Bears Cross Country Schedule
 The new Online store for SPTHS Grizzlies is now up and running.

Help support Grizzle Pride by visiting the following website: Select “Sportswear” on the top task bar to be sent to the clothing store.This store is available online 24/7/365.

Help support our Shonto Bears by going to our Online Store

As with last year, the online store will only be open for a few weeks. This allows orders to processed and shipped during that Sport Season. Then it will reopen for the new Sport Season.

Order Deadline: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 (11:59pm MDT)




2018-2019 AIA Annual Pre-Particiaption Physical Evaluation Forms are now available for download or stop by the K-8 Office for a copy.

All student athletes must have forms and the brainbook concussion online course completed before first day of practice.






Physical Form A - To be completed and signed by the parent or guardian and student athlete. This form must also be signed by the examining medical provider.

Physical Form B - To be completed and signed by the examining medical provider. 

Phyiscal Form C - To be completed and signed by athlete and parent/legal guardian.

BrainBook Concussion - "In accordance with article 14.14 of the AIA Bylaws, all student athletes shall complete the Brainbook online concussion education course. All student athletes shall complete the course prior to participation in practice or competition. Note: The Brainbook online concussion education course must be completed by a student athlete only once."

or click here to download all three forms.

 →More forms available at AIA's website.


Permission form for Middle School Athletics will be available soon.


ATHLETICS / EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (page 24-27 of 2017-2018 SPS Student/Parent Handbook)

Shonto Preparatory School provides extracurricular activities in athletics and student clubs that promote healthy well-being and lifestyles. All team coaches, sponsors, and students are expected to conduct themselves properly and respectfully while representing the school. Further, we encourage students, parents, and the community to support our school programs enthusiastically and within a behavioral framework that reflects good sportsmanship.

Students will remain with the coaches, teachers, and chaperones during school sponsored activities and cannot leave without permission. If a parent wishes to take his/her child from a sport, club or activity at the end of the competition/event, the parent will need to sign him/her out with the coach or sponsor.

Athlete Participation Requirements

A student must have:

  • A parent consent form, and
  • Annual physical exam form on file at the Athletic Director’s office, and
  • A student must have a parent / guardian permission form to participate, including: insurance information, and emergency contact numbers of parent or guardian.

Academic Eligibility

Any student wishing to participate in any athletic program must meet grade check, attendance, discipline, and age requirements.

Grade Checks

  • The Registrar will publish the eligibility status of all members of the team.
  • Grade checks will be done weekly. This will determine eligibility for the next week of activities as outlined in the eligibility policy in this handbook.
  • Any student who has an “F” grade two weeks consecutively in the same content area will be ineligible to participate in competitions, until the next grade check.
  • If a student has excessive ineligibility as determined by the principal, athletic director, or coach, the student will be removed from the team.
  • Ineligible students will be required to attend afterschool tutoring in order to remain on the team.


  • Student-athletes must be in school in order to attend practice.

  • Students must be in attendance at practice the day prior to and the entire day of the athletic event to be eligible.

  • The student may bring a doctor’s note if he/she was absent to be excused and be approved by the Principal or Registrar in order to participate.

  • If a student is absent from school on Friday due to sickness, a doctor’s excuse must be provided to participate in a Saturday game.

  • A student-athlete will be removed from the team if they have 3 or more unexcused absences from either a game or a practice.

  • Arrangements should be made with family, friends or coaches for student transportation for weekend competitions.


  • Students are required to follow all school rules as stated in the handbook during school hours, practice, and while on travel with the team.

  • Team and activity members on School Suspension for any disciplinary infraction will not be allowed to practice or participate in any event for the day (ISS for K-8 School).

Age Requirements

  • SPS Athletes: Student is eligible to participate provided he/she does not turn 15 years old before September 1st of the academic year

  • 5th Graders are allowed to participate in select activities – softball and baseball. NAIC prohibits 5th grade students from participating in Football.

 SPTHS only

  • A student is eligible to participate each semester provided he/she does not turn 19 years old before September 1st of the academic year.

  • Any athlete or Parent(s) may remove a student from the team for disciplinary or attendance reasons as per handbook violations.

  • A student-athlete who is suspended for 3 or more days will automatically be terminated from the team.

Students who are determined eligible to receive Special Education services will not be discriminated against and must adhere to rules and regulations set forth for participation in extra-curricular activities, including complete physical form on file and attendance. If your child has physical challenges, please provide proper documentation.

SPS Athletic Amplifying Instructions and Guidelines

SPS perceives interscholastic athletics as an integral part of the total school curriculum. We encourage the school and community to view a “successful season” as one that has shown evidence of meeting objectives as reflected in the attitude and work ethic of the participants.

  • Any athlete displaying flagrant behavior towards officials, coaches or opposing teams, and inappropriate language will be removed from the game and/or from the playing area.

  • Athletes shall not mingle with the opposition or get into arguments with parents, fans, or students from another district.

  • Any athlete who has been disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct shall have the case referred to the Athletics Director.

Athletic coaches will place the safety and welfare of the players first. Coaches will be held to the same standards as their players in regards to sportsmanship, professionalism, dress codes and the integrity of the programs of SPS.

In the event of an injury,

  • Student will be taken to the hospital or clinic for medical assistance and parents will be informed. A student cannot participate in practice or competition until a medical release is provided.

  • If a student has an existing medical condition, a doctor’s statement with clearance to participate in athletic activities is necessary to participate.

For high school, students normally have priority in playing time for all Varsity and Junior Varsity games. Lower grade students are encouraged to practice and learn skills relevant to the sport; however they may not be allowed to play unless the team roster is short.

Students participating in any form of athletic activity shall be required to wear standard protective equipment customarily used for such type of activity with the coaches and teachers giving due consideration to gender, age, size, and capabilities of the participants. Mouth guards are required for football and highly recommended for all other contact sports. In all sports where mouth guards are not required, parents must sign a waiver form acknowledging responsibility if injury to the mouth occurs.

Any athlete who fails to return school-issued equipment or uniforms or refuses to pay for equipment not returned, will be ineligible for practice or participation in any other sport until the account is settled.

  • The High School shall require an upfront fee of $25 to safeguard against equipment or uniforms that are damaged due to negligence or not returned.

  • The fee will be refunded at the conclusion of the season, provided there is no damage or loss of equipment/uniform. If the damage or loss is greater than $25, the student or parents shall pay the difference.

A student who is participating on a school athletic team is not allowed to participate simultaneously in any other outside athletic team (i.e. team that has a coach, organized practices and/or schedule).

SPTHS only: At least once during the athlete’s high school participation, the athlete and parent must attend a “right to know” program, which provides specific information regarding the potential risks of participating in high school interscholastic athletics.  The Athletic Director is responsible for implementing this policy and enforcing its provisions. Secondary school administrators shall monitor this policy and its execution as it pertains to their students.

All school activities/competitions parents must complete a permission form that will indicate whether the student will be returning on the bus or be picked up at the game site and if so, by whom.


An appeal process shall be established to enable any participant determined to be ineligible to have his/her case reviewed upon request of the participant, his/her parents, or the sponsor. The process shall be as follows:

  • Appeal is to be initiated with the school principal.

  • The school principal shall convene a committee consisting of the parent, the athletic director the activity sponsor, and the teacher(s) who have awarded failing grades to the appellant.

  • The committee will examine pertinent school records of the student, his/her attitude about school, and the presence of any extenuating circumstances affecting his/her performance.

  • If the appellant is not satisfied with the disposition determined by the committee, he/she may appeal to the Superintendent. This decision shall be final.

Mailing: PO Box 7900, Shonto, Arizona 86054 | Physical: East Hwy 160 Route 98, Shonto, Arizona 86054