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Shonto Preparatory School Athletics 
We expect our student/athletes to strive to succeed in the classroom as well as on the athletic field.  Our athletes are motivated to push themselves in their studies and provide an example for our student body of effective time management, sportsmanship and school spirit.


Questions/concerns or to schedule, please contact the following:

For High School, Ken Benally , AD @ 928-672-3516

For K-8, Frank Smith , AD @ 928-401-7605


 Bears Volleyball
Bears Basketball
Bears Track & Field
 Bears Cross Country
Grizzly Basketball
Grizzly Track & Field

2019-2020 AIA Annual Pre-Particiaption Physical Evaluation Forms are now available for download or stop by the K-8 or High School Office for a copy.

All student athletes must have forms signed and completed before first day of practice.






Form 15.7-A Annual Preparticipation Physical EVALUATION - To be filled out by the parent or guardian and student athlete

Form 15.7-B Annual Preparticipation Physical EXAMINATION - To be filled out by the appropriate healthcare professional

Form 15.7-C Annual Preparticipation ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  - To be completed and signed by athlete and parent/legal guardian.

or .

 →More forms available at AIA's website


15.7.1 A student shall not be allowed to practice or compete in interscholastic athletics until there is on file with the principal or his/her designee a record of a preparticipation physical examination (PPE) performed by a doctor of medicine (M.D.), an osteopathic physician (D.O.), a naturopathic physician (N.D., N.M.D.), a certified registered nurse practitioner (N.P.) licensed to practice, a certified physician's assistant (PA-C) registered by the Joint Board Of Medical Examiners and the Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery, or a certified chiropractic sports physician (CCSP). The physical examination for the following school year shall be given on or after March 1. The physical examination card on file shall be signed by one of the aforementioned medical providers and shall state that, in the opinion of the examining provider, the provider did not find any medical reason to disqualify the student from practice or competition in athletic contests. The principal or his/her designee, if deemed advisable, may require a student to be reexamined.
15.7.2 Member schools shall utilize the physical examination forms provided by the AIA. There shall be three parts: Part One – Annual Preparticipation Physical Evaluation – To be completed and signed by the parent or guardian and student athlete. This form must also be signed by the examining medical provider. (See Form 15.7-A). Part Two – Annual Preparticipation Physical Examination – To be completed and signed by the examining medical provider. (See Form 15.7-B). Part Three – Annual Preparticipation Acknowledgement – To be completed and signed by parent or guardian and student athlete. (See Form 15.7-C). 

Mailing: PO Box 7900, Shonto, Arizona 86054 | Physical: East Hwy 160 Route 98, Shonto, Arizona 86054