Welcome Letter from the Superintendent

Students, Parents, and Staff,

I am happy to extend a heart‐felt welcome to you. It is an honor that you allow us to help your child learn and it is our duty to prepare them for the future.

Shonto Preparatory School is a very progressive school and we fully intend to prepare your child for their future. The mission of Shonto Preparatory School is to nurture positive character in a safe, engaging, caring and creative environment with high academic expectations while instilling Dine' language and culture, where all learners are successful, responsible, and independent thinkers. The mission statement defines why we exist as an entity. It also defines who we are and what values we expect to display and the ultimate outcome of what we hope our children will become. We will do our best to prepare your child for the career they choose.

Your role as the parent or primary caretaker is very important. Your support and assistance in educating the children is very important. Collectively the attitudes, beliefs and values we teach our children is what makes our school a place we all want to be proud of.

As is customary a committee has convened and worked hard to amend this handbook with the student and parents' best interest in mind. Should there be questions please use this handbook as the first point of reference. The intent of the handbook is to provide guidance and answers to the many concerns and issues in all aspects of the daily activities of the students and the school. A well‐used handbook demonstrates a commitment from the school, parents, and students to ensure a safe and effective environment for learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school principal, teachers, and other staff as necessary if there are questions.

We look forward to a productive and positive school year for 2016‐2017.


Lemual B. Adson, Superintendent
Phone: 928-672-3525


Cassandra Burtel
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
Phone: 928-672-3526
Fax: 928-672-3507