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Thank you! Parents and students for choosing to participate in the Shonto Preparatory Schools Residential Program. On behalf of the residential personnel, welcome. We are looking forward to providing a student first based principle program.

The Residential Program supports the academic goals of the Shonto Preparatory School by empowering and guiding students to become life-long learners through academic support and character development. The residential program activities are structured and guided by competent personnel who provide individualized and close monitor of students to create a safe, learning and fun environment for everyone.

The Residential Services Department comprises of program activities that promote students' emotional sense of security, physical well-being, autonomy, and self-esteem and to learn personal social skills at an early age leading to strong, independent living skills as they approach adolescence and adulthood. These programs are: after school tutoring, study hall and reading, counseling services, recreational and sports participation, guidance in canteen operation and banking, leisure time, music, dance and cultural appreciation, self-care and personal health and safety education.

Parental involvement in their children's education and social life is very important in the residential activities as well as in the school classroom setting. Therefore, the residential staff encourages each parent to visit her/his child often throughout the week at the residential halls to ensure that individual student does well in every aspect of her/his learning endeavors during the school year.


Mr. Jason Secakuku
Director of Support Services



Jason Secakuku 
Director of Support Services

Elroy Watson 
Workforce Leader 

Pat Agustinez 
Administrative Assistant

Karen Klitso
Residential/Recreation Assistant

Betty J.Slim
Residential Assistant - Girls Wing      

Josephine Laughter
Residential Assistant - Girls Wing

Renee Martin
Residential Assistant - Boys Wing    

Florentia Clitso
Residential Assistant - Girls Wing

May Cling
Residential Assistant - Boys Wing


Students are accepted year round. Students must first enroll and be accepted at one of the schools before considered eligible to enroll in the Residential Program.